Woodside Farm, Wettenhall

This development was on the site of a Turkey farm, over 50,000 square feet of sheds had to be removed in the course of this development, 5,000 tons of concrete broken up and replaced with a similar amount of top soil. This was no small job by any stretch of the imagination. The Barns had previously been used a ancillary use to the Turkey farm but had the usual issues of salts,  damp and an exposed position on the planes of Cheshire.

Multifoil insulation was used in the roofs to achieve the required insulation values whilst keeping the conservation officer happy in maintaining the existing roofline without having to sacrifice critical headspace on the upstairs level.

The scale of the barns and their location meant that the local planning department where very supportive of a planning application for a large double garage for each of the properties, we took the opportunity to include a good sized games room/ storage room upstairs to take advantage of the space, we also built in provision for services such as water and electricity. We even ran sky cabling to the garages so the satellite and TV services could be mounted on these so as not to compromise the external appearance of the barns.


Our properties at Wettenhall

Walden Barn, Woodside Farm

A well thought out barn conversion, re-designed layout of the interior to maximise space

Nicholas Barn, Woodside Farm

Large ground floor, four bedrooms and and en suite bathroom in this well presented property

At Swallow Hill Homes we take great pride in our work to regenerate old buildings into great places to live.

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