Gloucester Drive, London

McKenzie House, London, N4

This 1/6th of an acre plot was secured in August 2008 with planning permission to erect a 2 bedroom detached house. A pair of heavily diseased trees on the site had to be felled and as such the foundations needed to be dug to a depth of at least 3 meters, recognising the potential of the site planning permission was gained for a 5 bedroom house with games room sitting on an identical footprint by adding a basement level and raising one side of the roof by 600mm. The result is a property that provides large open plan spaces without imposing on the surrounding houses.

The build was exceptional challenging due to a 2.1meter wide 40 meter entrance way onto the site. Nearly 1,000 tons of clay was removed in a period of 3 weeks and a reinforced concrete shell poured to form the fabric of the basement. All materials had to be brought down the narrow entrance way and delivered just in time as the small site area didn’t afford significant storage space. In addition to under floor heating a mechanical ventilation system and various energy saving measures were fitted to the property. The result is a house which emits only 60% of the carbon of an average property that size and outperforms its energy performance certificate by 25%.


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McKenzie House, Gloucester Drive

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